Photo: Mike Turner

If you'd like to hear more about the walks, you can listen to Ann and presenter Caz Graham taking a shorewalk together for BBC Radio4's Open Country.

This year all walks will start from Allonby, for Dubmill Point – initial meeting place the car-park opposite Twentyman’s shop – to enjoy the new Allonby Bay Marine Conservation Zone. (Also, the submerged forest at Beckfoot has been covered and/or broken up, so the main reason for visiting that area has vanished.)

The terrain on the lower shore is slightly rocky, often slippery and always wet, so wellies are essential! Bring walking-poles if you feel happier using them.

Please note that – in very rare circumstances - weather and other factors might force cancellation, so please give me your phone number when you book.

Dates and times for 2017:

April Sunday 30th: Meet at 0900h (low tide ~0940h). This walk is on behalf of the Solway Wetlands Partnership; booking must be done through them (tel: 016973 33055 or email

June Thursday 22nd . Meet at 1700h (low tide ~1750h). To book, email or phone 016973 21967

July Wednesday 26th Meet at 0845h (low tide ~0910h). This walk is on behalf of Cumbria Wildlife Trust and booking must be done through them. Email or phone 01539 816300

August Thursday 24th. Meet at 0815h (low tide ~0850h). To book, email or phone 016973 21967

August Saturday 26th. Meet at 0900h (low tide ~1000h). To book, email or phone 016973 21967

Tidal information from TideTimes website,
and Laver's Liverpool Tide Table (with corrections for BST and Silloth). Note that heights also vary depending on weather, wind and atmospheric pressure.

If you'd like to know more about why the Solway's best low tides are always at fairly unsociable hours, there's an explanation on my blog.